"Underneath the robe, you find a man." -Nacho Libre

My name is Griffin Easter, I am 27 years old and the youngest brother of three.  I am a third-tier professional road cyclist (roughly equivalent to MLB's AAA) and trying to rise to the top.  "Life is good, really good!" (Nacho Libre).  However, I wouldn't be where I am today were it not for Stratton and Cullen, my two older brothers. 

I am the youngest and hence, reaped the benefits of starting everything earlier than they did, sorry guys.  But, that's not to say I had it easy.  I endured body slams into couches, learned the ins and outs of politics (always stay on Stratton's good side) and excelled at living with roommates (Cullen and I shared a bunkbed).  Needless to say, I am who I am because of them.

We already do just about everything together, and it's really fun.  So I thought, "Your skills plus my skills, in the ring, tag team."(Nacho Libre).  Let's make a website.  Or at least if it's a bust, we all go up in flames.  

And with that, I'll only suggest to buckle up.  Keep your expectations low and maybe you'll get a laugh out of this endeavor.  Because I know we will.


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